To blog or not…

Posted on 07 Mar 2009 in Special Education, Uncategorized | Comments Off on To blog or not…

Well, tardy again. A whole month has gone by without a post from your’s truley. But, like Hamlet, I’ve been very conflicted over my inaction.

From Flickr

From Flickr

Every day I tell myself that I need to post some comments. And everyday I have so much to say that I argue with myself about what to write about first. I end up paralized by the vast options and content that I want to share with you. So in the end, inaction on any post. Ahhhhhh!

Blog Topics

Over the past month, there were have been tons of topics that I wanted to comment on:

  • Obama’s stimulus package for special education
  • Innovative PBIS ideas from several school’s I’ve visited
  • Conversations with administrators about starting PBIS in their district
  • Behavior intervention ideas I shared at a training conference
  • New initiatives by a school to teach students to self-monitor on-task behavior using mobile technology
  • A great idea for a text messaging prompting tool you can set up and schedule yourself called the Gentle Reminder
  • Upcoming conferences for APBS and CEC

There is no shortage of topics, I just need to share more consistently. Today I recommit myself to this task.

Let me know your thoughts on these topics – what would you like to hear more about?