PBIS and Wraparound Support

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Training Workshop

I recently taught a 2-day PBIS workshop for a local agency that provides wraparound support services in the field of Behavioral Health and met some fantastic people.

According to company literature, this dynamic group of behavior health coaches provides:

accessible behavioral health services designed to aid children to achieve success in school, live with their families, avoid delinquency and become stable and productive adults.

We talked about the three-tiered PBIS model and how it can be applied to home-based service delivery. We also discussed several behavior interventions ad how those secondary support can be implemented in a home or community environment.


After reviewing the evaluations from the workshop, two things became apparent. First, people generally enjoyed the workshop and found the content valuable. That’s good. However, a few people still felt that PBIS did not directly apply to the home setting. They felt that I used too many examples from the classroom. This is valid. Most (not all) of the PBIS literature is school-centered. And even though we did a lot of activities stressing how PBIS interventions and strategies could be implemented in the home, it seems like some participants still felt that this was a school treatment.

So, here is my dilemma. How do I further convince people that PBIS has a broader application?


  1. kayak001 / August 11th, 2009 21:54

    *grin* um… by linking it as part of RtI (sorry, Ellen aka kayak001 again)?

    imho… PBIS is not a “treatment” (i.e., a practice) but a contextually relevant systems change model…


    so practices (hopefully, evidence-based) may differ given population and context, (early childhood, care/tx, family & community) but still need those systems to support ADULT behavior to interpret the data/information related to any practice… as always, so very fun reading your blog c.chuck!

    • mrchuckchuck / August 12th, 2009 19:01

      Ellen, you are absolutely right , thanks for commenting 🙂

      PBIS, at it’s essence, is a systems change model. The familiar three-tired PBIS and RTI triangle/framework didn’t begin with us. The model began in health care. So, this model can be applied in numerous contexts – not just schools.

      As I thought more about the training and the audience, I think I should have put more stress on how to use this systems change model rather then how it has been used in schools.

      Since this was a training with behavior coaches, I could have also explained that what we used to call Behavior Modification changed to Applied Behavior Analysis and then changed to PBIS. There is a common thread running through all three labels.