A School Resource Officer’s Opinion

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Middle School
I just got off the phone with an administrator of a school that I am working with. She was excited! According to staff, this is a middle school that for years had the stigma of being the slum school in the district and bus drivers and School Resource Officers (SRO’s) alike drew straws to decide who had the unfortunate job of working with this campus.

PBIS = Change
We were talking about the school’s Positive Behavior Interventions and Support (PBIS) data, and the assistant principal was telling me how much positive change has occurred in the school climate since positive behavior expectations and rules were taught last January. She told me that in year’s past, she had to beg SRO’s to stay on campus throughout the school year. But just last month her current SRO told her that in his 7-years on school campus’ he has never seen the positive changes that took over this campus since the PBIS system was implemented.

The administrator’s pride was evident.

You can see a 1 minute video testimonial of Lori talking about DVMS and other testimonials at the PBISAz website.

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