Blogging as a Behavioral Intervention

Posted on 10 Oct 2008 in Educational Technology, Student Behavior | Comments Off on Blogging as a Behavioral Intervention

Most of us in special education know that trying to get our students to write can be a BIG deal. This is especially true for students with emotional and behavioral disorders (EBD). As a group, our EBD kids have the worst reading and writing skills in school.


Check out this upcoming webinar on October 22, 2008 titled Learn how to use blogging in the classroom by ISTE to learn how to introduce your students to blogging. The webinar promises,

Learn all the steps, from setting up a blog to using blogs as a learning tool that create meaningful learning experiences for students.  You will end this webinar ready to jump right into blogging and your students will thank you for it.

Sign up for the webinar for only $50 for members and $125 for non-members. I am a member of this professional organization because I love it’s focus on education and technology. I am a member of their handheld computer special interest group (I use handhelds to teach students to self-monitor their off-task behavior), but this organizaiton also has a special education and technology special interest group.

Blogging and Behavior:

So what is the link between blogging and behavior? My opinion is that blogging is another writing tool that teachers can employ to motivate or interest reluctant readers and writers such as our students with behavior problems. And if we can get kids on-task academically, then they are less likely to be off-task behaviorally. By definition, blogs are high interest reading material because you choose any topic you are interested in. Yes, we have to monitor what our students are reading, but there are millions of blogs in the blogosphere so surely there must be one that interests your student that you can approve of. Hey, if your student will write on a blog but not on paper, then let them write whenever and wherever you can.