Teacher-Mediated Interventions II

Posted on 01 Nov 2008 in Intervention, Special Education, Student Behavior | Comments Off on Teacher-Mediated Interventions II

Sometime, when we’ve tried to be proactive, students still find ways to manipulate our system. No problem, we have a solution for that. Teacher-mediated interventions can be used as a consequence-focused intervention. Naturally I advocate for positive consequences as opposed to punishment which may work a little in the short term but is not sustainable.  (For details see the article titled Evidence-Based Teaching Strategies for Students with EBD).

Try these evidence-based intervention to reinforce appropriate student behavior:

  • Token economy system
  • Contingency reinforcers
  • Use of free time
  • Academic contracting
  • Written feedback

I’ve used token economies and other forms of reinforcers in my classrooms and in school-wide positive behavior support programs. I can attest to their effectiveness. But, like other teacher-mediated interventions, they don’t work unless I use them consistently. So in essence, it’s the teacher that must learn and use a new behavior in order for the student to experience success.