Teacher-Mediated Interventions I

Posted on 31 Oct 2008 in Intervention, Special Education, Student Behavior | Comments Off on Teacher-Mediated Interventions I

Teacher’s can exert a great and positive influence on their class. Though we sometime feel as if we may not be making the impact that we want. Teacher mediated interventions have been found to be very effective in helping students with behavior challenges succeed in school. (For details see the article titled Evidence-Based Teaching Strategies for Students with EBD).

These evidence-based teacher led intervention are proactive and should be used before inappropriate behavior occurs:

  • Adjust task difficulty
  • Verbalize math problems
  • Cubicles
  • Structured academic tasks
  • Modeling, rehearsal, and feedback
  • Teacher planning strategies
  • Life space interviewing
  • Previewing
  • Sequential prompting
  • Adjusting presentation and point-delivery rate
  • Teach test-taking skills
  • Mnemonic instruction
  • Taped words and drill instruction
  • Trial and error vs. time delay
  • Personalized system of instruction
  • Structured instructional system
  • Intertrial interval duration
  • Choice-making opportunities
  • Story mapping
  • Individual curricular modification

Yes, this is a long list. But it is relatively short when compared to all the ineffective things some teachers are desperately trying in order to gain control of their classroom. If you are already using some of these interventions – Great! If not, learn about them and give them a try.