Self-Monitoring Works!

Posted on 15 Oct 2008 in Intervention, Special Education, Student Behavior | 1 comment

Here is a great email I received from Dee, a teacher who attended my workshop on evidence-based classroom management interventions and used self-monitoring to improve the performance of her students:

A friend and I attended the workshop (Proven Classroom Management Solutions) on Aug. 23 at which you spoke.  We both found your presentation very helpful.  You might be interested that she was a brand new teacher struggling with some classroom management issues, one of those being a particularly disruptive and constantly off task student.  She has used the self-management on-task/off-task worksheet (you handed out) with a fair degree of success.  About a week after introducing it, she found out after school that she would unexpectedly be absent at a workshop the next morning.  As I helped her with the sub plan, we agreed it was too much to ask the sub to manage the on-task/off-task worksheet and, since she had not prepared the student to do it without her, she would just “let it ride,” so she did not leave a new tracking sheet for that day. When she returned to school at noon, the student proudly showed her the white board she had pulled out and tracked herself as on-task/off-task for the morning!

Wow, self-monitoring worked so well for the student that she used it even in her teacher’s absence. Congratulations on your success! Thank you for allowing me to share your success story on the blog.

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