Salute to Canada

Posted on 28 Feb 2010 in Special Education | Comments Off on Salute to Canada

On the eve of the Canadian men’s hockey gold metal win against the US, I want to acknowledge Canada for another victory . . .

Manitoba CEC Conference

Last week I spoke at the Manitoba provincial Council for Exceptional Children conference in Winnipeg. As an invited keynote speaker, I was very impressed that over 750 people registered and attended this event. I see this as a huge victory for children with exceptionalities in that province. Many people who attended came from 5-6 hours away.

Professional Development

It was not only teachers who attended the conference. I spoke with instructional assistants, students in education programs, as well as principals and related service professionals. In these economic times, everyone in the education industry knows how tough it is to find money in schools for professional development. The fact that so many people found the time and money to attend a special education focused conference speaks of the desire for knowledge and change. Canada has a much more inclusive education framework then the US. Yet there is clearly the desire to do more for their children.

I applaud this attitude and thank the MB CEC council for inviting me to speak at their conference. It was an honor and priviledge to be a part of such a great event.

If you attended the conference, let me know your thoughts.