Rob Horner Keynote

Posted on 26 Mar 2009 in School Behavior, Special Education | 2 comments

I’m sitting in the keynote address by Rob Horner at the Conference on PBS. Rob encourages people to take what they learn as they attend sessions and think about how it fits into the big picture of PBIS.

PBS doesn’t just decrease behavior problems, says Rob, but bring Science, Values, and Vision. Behavior problems are not just a challenge for schools but are a serious threat to a persons quality if life.

Good behavior support encourages people to make choices and live a better life. It is about establishing a social culture that is positive, predictable, and safe. If we do this well, it will serve people throughout their life span.

I look forward to hearing more speakers at this conference. Let me know if you find anyone blogging about my sessions!


  1. John Lloyd / March 26th, 2009 18:52

    Ahhh, envy is mine. I hope you and everyone there was listening closely. I would have been doing so.

    • mrchuckchuck / March 26th, 2009 20:18

      Rob Horner’s Keynote was excellent. Lot’s of big ideas and concepts to keep everyone encouraged about the future of PBIS. I blogged from Rob’s Keynote and several other sessions including George Sugai’s at Join our new community, won’t you?

      Sorry you couldn’t make it to the conference this year John, maybe I’ll see you at the CEC Convention next week.