Rich and Famous attend TECBD Conference

Posted on 23 Oct 2009 in School Behavior, Special Education, Student Behavior | 2 comments

This blog isn’t about the Rich and Famous as defined by TV host Robin Leach. This is about people rich in knowledge and famous in the field of emotional and behavioral disorders.

I’m blogging from the Teacher Educators of Children with Behavioral Disorders conference. Now in it’s 33rd year, this conference is a Mecca and magnet for the best and brightest in our field. The program reads like a who’s who in behavior research:

  • Maureen Conroy
  • Steve Forness
  • James Fox
  • David Houchins
  • Kristine Jolivette
  • James Kauffman
  • Mary Margaret Kerr
  • Dean Konopasek
  • Tim Landrum
  • Kathleen Lane
  • Tim Lewis
  • Matthew Meyer
  • C. Michael Nelson
  • Alec Peck
  • Terry Scott
  • Russ Skiba
  • Richard Van Acker
  • Hill Walker
  • Mitch Yell

If you are in the field of education and work with students with behavior problems, these researches are the celebrities of our world. Each one is genuine, approachable, and truly concerned about making our world a better place for our students.

If you haven’t heard of these people check them out – they are worth listening to and their published works are worth reading.


  1. Oregon CEC / October 26th, 2009 20:55

    This sounds like an incredible opportunity. Please let me know the next time any of these people are coming through Oregon!

    • mrchuckchuck / October 29th, 2009 13:43

      I’m guessing that your next best chance to see these fantastic researchers will be at the 2010 CEC conference in Tennessee.