Post TECBD blur, I mean blog

Posted on 22 Nov 2006 in Special Education | 2 comments

What a weekend it was! The Teacher Educator’s for Children with Behavior Disorders Conference was fantastic. This conference, held annually in Tempe, Arizona, is a who’s who of experts in the field of education and behavior disorders. What a great opportunity to meet the people publishing all the research in the field. (Plus it was a great chance to ask for advice!)

Since most people are from out of town, everyone is very friendly and in a vacation mood. Everyone except the people working the conference…that would be me, and a host of others! We were busy running around in order to keep everyone happy – which I think we pulled off without a hitch. Well, maybe there were a few hitches, but nothing noteworthy enough to blog about – least I tarnish my reputation for…uh, I guess I don’t have a reputation to tarnish yet. But, someday you’ll see the name Mr.ChuckChuck up in lights and I wouldn’t want this blog to bite me in my assets.

I hoped to blog from the conference, but it flew by in a blur. Next year I hope to be able to podcast or netcast some of the sessions and maybe even provide some video of the keynote address. I know this may not appeal to most – but it gives a chance for teacher’s to see that maybe researcher’s do have some good idea’s. Not all of them, but enough that it’s worth a listen.

Thankgoodness for Thanksgiving. It gives me a chance to blog about my blured weekend at TECBD and to say thanks for taking time to check in. Please feel free to post some comments so that I can read what’s on your mind. Until next time, stay sane.



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