Personal Learning Network for Behavior or RTI

Posted on 06 Dec 2009 in Educational Technology, Special Education | 1 comment

Winter Break

Are you looking forward to your winter break from school? Most teachers do! I like to use these breaks to advance my Personal Learning Network (PLN). The concepts of PLN’s have been slowly creeping into schools for a number of years.  Basically, your PLN is one way to take responsibility to advance your own personal development as a professional. PLN’s can include trusted colleagues, mentors, courses or workshops, and of course professional organizations like CEC and CCBD.


Digital PLN

I like to include digital resources as part of my PLN. These resources not only include websites like and but also Blogs, Nings, and other social media feeds.

When searching for information online, it’s important to remember that Google is not the only search engine available (though it is currently the most popular tool to use). Many people don’t realize that if they search for a term such as “behavior” using Google, Yahoo, or Bing, that 80% – 90% of the results will be different or unique. This means that different tools will produce different kinds of results.

Search Engines

I suggest you try using these tools for searching for information to see if any one turns up useful results in your next online search:

Post A Comment and let me know the behavior intervention links you value as part of your PLN!

(Disclosure: a variation of this article was also posted in the November 2009 CCBD eNewsletter)

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