IEP? Now There’s an App for That!

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Got an IEP?
Does your child have an Individual Education Plan (IEP)? Or are you a general education teacher who’s main job isn’t knowing about IDEA law but you have a student with an IEP and you want to be on top of the issues. Have you ever wondered just what was supposed to be in that huge legal document and what your school or district may be missing in comparison to federal regulations? We’ll now there’s an app for that.

IEP Checklist App
The Parent Educational Advocacy Training Center (PEATC) has just released an app for the iPhone called IEP Checklist that will help you track all the components of the IEP. Least the school challenge you to include an item in the IEP, the app  cites the regulation where that item is mentioned in the law and provides a place to make notes on what you want to include in that section. Check out their YouTube video below.


App Review
I must admit that I have not spent a lot of time playing with this app yet. I think an app like this can be valuable, and this is a good start. However, so far it looks like a hi tech notepad organized by sections of the IEP. I think the app could go well beyond this notepad approach by including several feature:

  • ideas for content in each section of the IEP.
  • link to more information about that section of the document.
  • suggested academic and behavioral strategies and links to research articles citing the effectiveness of those interventions.
  • ability to print or email these suggestion to the teacher or IEP case manager.
  • tips for the different stakeholders about their role in the IEP process, ie: student, parent, sped teacher, gened teacher, psychologist, OT/PT/SLP, administrator.
  • tips about the characteristics of all the disabilities identified under IDEA so that participants remember to plan for a persons potential strengths and needs. 
  • questions to ask the team about each item of the IEP.

Let me know your impressions of this app and if you plan to use it in the future by leaving a comment.

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