End the R-Word

Posted on 25 May 2011 in Legislation, Special Education, Student Behavior | Comments Off on End the R-Word

Times are a changing – in a good way! A new public service campaign aims to:

Spread the word to End the word.

Last fall (October 5, 2010) the president signed Rosa’s Law to remove the word “Mental Retardation” from all federal statues and replace it with “Intellectual Disability”. And now a campaign is under way to give that legislation a little “oomph”. The website www.r-word.org has launch several initiatives to teach the public that the R-word should be treated like racial and sexual orientation slurs and be removed from our lexicon. The new End the Word initiatives include:

I encourage you to join this movement and help spread the word to make this a better world for all our children.


What is your experience with the R-word? Share your comments.