Do you TECBD?

Posted on 13 Nov 2006 in Special Education | Comments Off on Do you TECBD?

What advice do you give to a cross-eyed teacher with children with behavior disorders?

Separate her pupils!

I’d also tell her to get down to the TECBD conference in Tempe, Arizona and meet other people like herself. That’s where I’ll be this week. Everybody who’s anybody in the field of children’s behavior disorders will be there. You can check out the Teacher Educators for Children with Behavior Disorders conference website and see a listing of all the sessions available this year

If you want to talk about the history of Emotional and Behavior Disorders as a profession, talk to James Kauffman. Want info on ADHD and the effectiveness of dugs as opposed to behavioral interventions, then Steve Forness is your man. Interventions for reading, writing, and math, check out the keynote speaker Kathleen Lane. Carl Liaupsin has you covered when talking about positive behavior support. And Peter Leone will leave no stone unturned if your interest is students with EBD in juvenile corrections. All these people are undisputed experts in their area of emotional and behavior disorders. They all, literally, write the books on ‘how to’ manage disruptive behavior. And they are allĀ  incredibly nice people.

So, do you TECBD? I do. I’ll let you know what I learned in my next blog.