Behavior Survey Seeks Your Input

Posted on 17 Dec 2009 in Special Education | Comments Off on Behavior Survey Seeks Your Input

Are you involved with children and youth with any type of behavior issue? If so, your input and opinion is needed on a survey.

CCBD, an organization that advocates for children and youth with behavioral disorders, wants to be certain that they are attending to the issues that are of greatest concern to members, and that they are not spending time and resources on issues which are better handled by other professional associations at this time. In other words, are they overly focused on students with EBD or should they broaden their focus to include students with mental health issues, ADHD, conduct disorders, or students with internalizing behaviors such as depression or anxiety?

Your input will help determine the future of this organization and even the name of the organization. Please take a few moments and complete the survey here.

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