Autism & Technology Webinar

Posted on 22 Sep 2008 in Educational Technology, Special Education, Student Behavior | Comments Off on Autism & Technology Webinar

Although I’m a little late with this post, I wanted to share information about a cool webinar. ISTE offered a webinar about students with autism and how they can use new Smart Boards to improve their school behavior. Here is the description of the session:

As the field of education experiences an exponential increase in students diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Disorder, a new and effective model for instructing students is called for. Interactive whiteboards have revolutionized how teachers engage and teach autistic students in group instruction at a residential special education school in New Hampshire. This technology has offered new opportunities for students with Autism Spectrum Disorders and other neurological impairments to demonstrate spontaneous social learning and increased on-task classroom behaviors. Video vignettes will illustrate how instructional practices have changed the paradigm of a classroom for students with autism and the resulting student outcomes that occurred, both expected and unanticipated.

To learn more about this session and the presenters visit the webinar page.