100 Twitter Feeds for Teaching Advice

Posted on 25 Aug 2009 in Educational Technology, Special Education | 2 comments

Twitter is now an uber popular microblogging service. If you tweet or follow tweeters, here are 100 Terrific Twitter Feeds for Teaching Advice | Online Universities.com.

Relevant special education Tweeters include the following posted at the Online Universities link above:

  1. @astrang. This special ed teacher in Canada shares links to a variety of interesting information.
  2. @autismcenter. Find tons of great resources for working with children on the autism spectrum here.
  3. @beckyfisher. Working from home as an online special ed teacher, this mom shares a bit about everything.
  4. @bwwojci. Specializing in assistive technology, Brian Wojcik posts about plenty of teaching tools.
  5. @caitlingraham. Trained in special ed but teaching regular ed, this teacher shares plenty about green teaching, autism, and more.
  6. @CSouthard. This inclusion teacher shares lots of links for teaching both special and regular ed.
  7. @damian613. Get a psychological perspective on students and teaching from this school psychologist.
  8. @dancallahan. Technology meets education at this feed by a special ed teacher in Pennsylvania.
  9. @debbarrows. Conferences, demos, material, and more may show up in this special ed teacher’s Twitter feed.
  10. @Grembe. This family creates iPhone apps that make a difference. They post about them and frequently include educational aids.
  11. @irasocol. Assistive technology is the topic here, as is other education news and information.
  12. @joannab. This special ed grad student posts tons of helpful information for those working with students on the autism spectrum.
  13. @oregonsped. Teaching functional academics to elementary students, this teacher posts plenty about technology in the classroom.
  14. @paulhami. Assistive technology and a pleasant perspective on teaching are features here.
  15. @spedteacher. This special ed teacher posts helpful information for the classroom, but plenty about public education politics and policy as well.
  16. @stewartn. This special ed teacher shares and seeks advice on technology and also spreads her positive attitude.

Let me know which one’s you like best or if you have others to add to this list.

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  1. oregoncec / September 12th, 2009 10:13

    Thank you Mr. Chuck Chuck, #13 was perfect for me!

    Are you aware of other Oregon Special Educator blogs or twitter feeds? I would like to a link to their pages on our site.

    -Larry L. at Oregon CEC