PBIS and RTI – twins or just siblings?

Posted on 26 Oct 2008 in School Behavior | Comments Off on PBIS and RTI – twins or just siblings?

Around the nation, RTI (Response to Intervention) seems to be on the lips of many administrators and educators. Arizona just held a conference for administrators about RTI and PBIS in our state. The conference was a huge success with a few hundred administrators learning about what these two processes can offer schools. Keynote speeches by Dr. Kathleen Lane and Dr. John McCook provided much food for thought.

With all this new attention on RTI, many PBIS advocates are wondering, “Hey, what about us?”

So it begs asking, are PBIS and RTI two sides of the same coin? How are they the same, how are they different? Does one have to be subsumed under the other in state departments of education? PBIS has a history of over a decade of successful intervention across the nation – is it the big brother of school-wide systemic data-based decision-making? Are these approaches twins or siblings? And, do these siblings need to fight to stay on top of a schools’ priority list?

Well, I may not have all these answers (I prefere to stick to the behavior intervention part), but one person who I recommend you tuning into if you are looking at the PBIS-RTI relationship is Doug Cheney. Right now he is the blog master for CEC’s RTI Blog.

Dr. Cheney is an expert on SW-PBIS and is doing a fantactic job of sharing his info with folks linking to CEC’s blog about RTI.

Since it’s an election year, I’d be interested in hearing your vote about PBIS and RTI: Twins, Siblings, Other.