Schwarzenegger Proposes Spending More $ for Education Then Prision

Posted on 06 Jan 2010 in Legislation | Comments Off on Schwarzenegger Proposes Spending More $ for Education Then Prision

The Govenator

I’m watching a C-SPAN speech right now by the Governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger. He’s addressing his state legislature. Possibly his State of the State speech?? In discussing California’s 90 billion dollar budget deficit, he noted that more cut are necessary next year – but he will protect education and higher education funding.

Prisons vs Schools

Gov. Schwarzenegger made the point that our priorities are “out of whack”. He noted that decades ago, California’s budget spent 10% on higher education. Today, they spend 11% on prisons and less then 7% on higher education. He stated that California spends $50,000 per prisoner annually but should be spending that money on caps and gowns instead.

I applaud these points. They recognize that it will be educated and not incarcerated adults that will bring the state out of a recession and build the economy. I only wish that others in our nation would see this logic too.

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