Money for Wall Street Banks, None for Main Street Schools

Posted on 02 Oct 2008 in Legislation | Comments Off on Money for Wall Street Banks, None for Main Street Schools

Money for Nothin’

This week, all the media attention is on a $700 billion bail out for Wall Street banks. What the public fails to appreciate, is that a bill was written and will be passed in the House and Senate within a 1-2 week period of time to spend $700 billion in one shot.

However, this week the 110th Congress also failed to pass a bill to fund ALL domestic expenses for the next full year and congress ends this week. Instead, it sent a “continuing resolution” to the president (which he signed on Sept. 30th) to keep the current funding levels in place until March 2009. Congress has had the entire season to look at funding for domestic expenses which includes:

  • education,
  • health and human services,
  • agriculture,
  • transportation,
  • housing,
  • defense and homeland security,
  • justice, veterans’ affairs,
  • environment, and
  • science

– total bill $950 billion – and couldn’t agree on increasing funding for these programs even enough to meet inflation. Yet, within a week they are ready to give $700 billion to banks. Read more about this here.

Ready for more numbers?

Currently, the government spends over $10 billion per month in Iraq. It would only cost $4 billion to fund all education programs for next year including additional funds to cover inflation. The war has so far cost U.S. tax payer’s over $300 billion plus countless lives on both sides of the conflict. Do you know how far we could advance the education in this country for that much money??? We are only asking for a mere $4 billion per year – come on America, give peace a chance.

I think the government is in serious need of some behavior intervention!