Happy 35th Birthday IDEA

Posted on 02 Dec 2010 in Legislation | Comments Off on Happy 35th Birthday IDEA

I can’t believe that you are 35 years old IDEA – but what a difference you have made! Today there is a website with your name on it www.idea35.org and here is what people are saying:

On November 29, 1975, President Gerald Ford signed into law Public Law 94-142, then known as the Education for All Handicapped Children Act and what we now know as the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). This landmark legislation paved the way for improved educational outcomes for millions of individuals with disabilities.

Birthday Cake

In just 35 years you have initiated so many Rights for people with disabilities and their families that it’s hard to keep track. Maybe that is the problem. You are such a pivotal law in education, yet it seems like so many educators are blissfully unaware of the many Rights of children with disabilities. We shouldn’t be blissfully unaware. You are a law, not just a recommendation or something “nice” to do for “those kids”. In America, the land of laws (and lawyers) we look highly upon laws. I don’t think there is one person in this country who would suggest giving up their First Amendment Right to Freedom of Speech, yet many still think that all kids with disabilities really need from a teacher is Patience. Give me a break! 

What kids with disabilities (and their parents) need are educators who know you – IDEA law – and the Rights afforded to parents and children under your law.

So my birthday present to you is to share your website www.idea35.org with others and encourage everyone to learn about your law and push for the reauthorization of IDEA this year and next. Partisan politics must not interfere with a person’s human rights. I encourage everyone to take this reauthorization personally and treat “others” the way we would want to be treated. 

What is your birthday wish for IDEA? Share with me.