2008 NCTI Technology Innovators Conference

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I’ve mentioned before my interest in the innovation displayed by NCTI in regard to disability and assistive technology. Well, they’ve innovated again by posting numerous podcast interviews from their fall conference. I know that podcasts are not new per se, but how many educational or disability conferences or organization do you know are doing this on a regular basis? I count none or few. Please share some names if you know any.

Favorite Interviews

One of my favorite interviews was with Jeffrey Bigham and Rob Sinclair. Jeff’s research interest is in assistive technology for the blind. My view is that any technology that can help people access the written word can help our students with behavior disorders – many of these students have reading problems or difficulties. Accessing the web ubiquitously has huge potential for education.

Another great interview was with Leslie S. Conery from ISTE. She talked about technology for our teachers. My view is that if we can help teachers access technology, then they can pass this on to our students (not that many students are waiting for our teachers to get into the game). Then again, if a student acts out when the teacher makes her read in class and the teacher can help the student access the content in podcast format, then the teacher can decrease the students’ behavior problems through technology. Is decreasing behavior problems really this simple? It is if escaping reading is the function for the behavior disruption. More about Functional Behavior Analysis (FBA’s) in another blog.

My Point

Check out these quality interviews from NCTI and keep an eye on their website for continued educational innovations.