122 Web Apps for Educators

Posted on 02 Nov 2009 in Educational Technology | Comments Off on 122 Web Apps for Educators

This blog has nothing to do with EBD or behavior specifically, but it is incredibly useful for educators (and others) who need a short list of technology application that can help them manage their life in this new millennium.

Check out the Cool Cat Teachers blog of 122 favorite web apps. I find this list very helpful for many reasons:

  1. It reviews sites I am familiar with and help me reassess their usefulness to me.
  2. It introduces me to tools I have heard of but not yet used.
  3. It shows me new tools and explains why I might need them.
  4. It gives me example of how one educator is using these tools on a regular basis, not just to blog, but to teach her students how to use these tools to complete assignments and create digital content.

I read the entire list and will be using several of these tools in the near future. Enjoy.