You don’t know jack!

Posted on 24 Oct 2009 in Classroom Behavior, Intervention, School Behavior, Special Education, Student Behavior | Comments Off on You don’t know jack!

Richard Van Acker delivered a Keynote with this title today at the TECBD conference. Here are some highlights. I was blogging from the presentation.


  1. What we know doesn’t translate to what we do.
  2. Increased number of youth with mental health issues.
  3. Our EBD kids are expelled, unemployed, drop out, and are in Juvenile Justice far more then the general population.
  4. There is a lack of a continuum of care in school – either full inclusion or restrictive placements.
  5. 2/3 of states have non-categorical systems of teacher certification, no more specialists in EBD or other disability categories.
  6. Teachers praise academics and reprimand behavior.


  1. Systems to reduce reprimands in the classroom.
  2. Use group contingency systems.
  3. Social emotional instruction.
  4. Teach self-management and self-regulation skills
  5. Teach social skills, but embed them into the whole school program.
  6. Realize that academics and behavior cannot be taught separately.


  1. Train and hope doesn’t work.
  2. Drive-by inservice training doesn’t work.
  3. Peer Triad Support – a weight watchers style program for supporting teachers works.
  4. We need to better train pre-service teachers to support behavior.
  5. We need to research if non-categorical certifications are working or not.

Dr. Van Acker led a great keynote speech and everyone left with a call to action to find out what works and to support teachers to succeed.