NPR Reports on Resiliency Program

Posted on 21 Jan 2010 in Classroom Behavior, Intervention, Special Education, Student Behavior | Comments Off on NPR Reports on Resiliency Program


National Public Radio published a story this week titled Emotional Training Helps Kids Fight Depression. The story is about a resiliency program being implemented in some schools to teach students about changing negative thought patterns and reduce stress.

Internalizing Disorders

While I can’t vouch for the evidence-base of this program and curriculum, there is a lot of research that shows that teaching students to think about their thoughts is effective. Research in cognitive behavior therapy has demonstrated success in helping students with anxiety, depression, withdrawal, and other internalizing behavioral disorders improve their overt behaviors. Colleagues Naomi Schoenfeld and Donna Janney published research on identifying and treating anxiety in students with emotional and behavioral disorders just last year.

You Can Help

If you are a teacher, parent, or care giver of a child who you think may need some emotional support, there are solutions available. Talk to your school psychologist or special education teacher, ask your doctor, and find out more. We can learn to change our thinking and in turn our actions.

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