Posted on 17 Sep 2008 in Classroom Behavior, Educational Technology | Comments Off on iBehave

It’s been a while since I’ve sat down to blog about behavior. But now that I have WordPress on my iPhone I have less excuses for not putting my thoughts down on paper. This invention, the iPhone, has made the promise of ubiquitous computing become reality and it is changing peoples behavior. I no longer need to be at my desktop computer to create content. I don’t even need to open my laptop when I am out. I can create and share from my phone anytime and anywhere.

Of course, I must blog responsibly. That means that I shouldn’t blog while my daughter is in her swimming or dance class – I should be watching her. This new behavior must be learned and reinforced. Thankfully my wife can and will remind me if need be.

It reminds us that all behavior, including our students behavior, must be taught. So often we take it for granted that kids know what our expectations are and they SHOULD know how to behave. We would be mistaken if we believed this. If each and every school erased their preconceived asuumptions about what students should know about behavior and instead explicitly TAUGHT students the behavioral expectations at a school, there would be less classroom disruptions, less office referals, and more learning and achievement in school. Better yet, ask the students to create the expectations. You may be surprised and impressed by their answers.

Good luck.