Great Beginnings in Casa Grande

Posted on 27 Aug 2010 in Classroom Behavior, Intervention, School Behavior, Special Education | Comments Off on Great Beginnings in Casa Grande

I had the pleasure of providing training in Classroom Management strategies to Casa Grande Elementary School District yesterday. All 12 schools sent teams, which included the school principal, to the training. Also at the training were district administrators from all major departments and the district Superintendent – Dr. Davidson. What an awesome commitment of support!

Teams were provided with information on Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports, Student Accountability Systems, and Positive Behavior Support in the classroom – including a self-assessment for teachers and over 17 teacher mediated interventions. All teams had time to process the information, participate in group and team activities, and create an Action Plan for sharing the training information with their school community.

Along with three other trainers and coaches, I will be providing three additional workshops throughout this school year as well as monthly coaching and follow up support for each school in the district in conjunction with a new center I am directing at ASU called BERT – Behavior Education Research and Technology. This will help to ensure that the information and evidence-based practices shared at the training gets translated into on-the-ground action in each school and in each classroom in the district.

Congratulations to Casa Grande Elementary School District for taking this learning journey!

What is your school doing to support Professional Development?