Fresh Fish!

Posted on 03 Apr 2009 in Classroom Behavior, Educational Technology, Intervention, School Behavior | 2 comments

In my meetings with the Council for Children with Behavior Disorders, CCBD and people from other special education association like APBS we have been talking about how to bring more members into our organization. We talk about redesigning our website, changing the price for membership, adding extras benefits, etc. But what I’ve relearned from my visit to the famous Public Market on Pike Street in Seattle is that if you allow people to be a part of your story, they will come in droves.

Fish Market

The fish vendors here don’t just sell you cold, wet, smelly fish. They involve you in the sale. There is joyful shouting and throwing of fish across huge gaps in the crowd. If you ask for scallops, eveyone responds in chorus SCALLOPS! You become a participant, not just a customer.

The internet today and this fish store are all about participating. But most organizations and associations are still about ‘you get what we give you’. We gotta change. We have to allow our members to participate and contribute their knowledge and experience to our research-based knowledge base. When we do, I belive members will come. And this will help us spread our message about how to better help children and youth with behavior challenges.


  1. Larry Linebaugh / April 8th, 2009 11:28

    I agree, participation is key (and I’m talking about CEC in general, not just CCBD).
    A more “social” website would be a good place to start. A more blog-like set up would allow people to comment on articles as opposed to just reading them.

    Did you guys come up with any good ideas?

    • mrchuckchuck / April 9th, 2009 17:02

      Yes we have some ideas. We hope to take a cue from sites like Amazon and iTunes and let the community comment on publication articles, share success stories, and share first person accounts of using behavioral interventions. We want to allow our community to participate in the creation of content on our site and add to the evidence-based practices that we disseminate through publications and conferences. Thanks for sharing your support Larry!