Dynamic Dolphins

Posted on 30 Sep 2008 in Classroom Behavior, School Behavior | Comments Off on Dynamic Dolphins

Some schools just seem to make positive behavior interventions and support look simple and natural. Nautilus School in Lake Havasu, Arizona is one of those schools.

Their secret? They teach expected behavior in various locations around the school, post these expectations and rules, and then they reinforce students for showing these positive behaviors. Simple. See more photos from this and other schools.

So, who is the genius behind these plans? Everyone. Teachers teamed up to work on different components and then shared with the entire staff. It should be noted that this happened with the support and leadership of their dynamic principal, Mrs.Goodwin. She is the dynamic dolphin at the head of this high achieving school.

The Dynamic Dolphin is also the name they give to students who demonstrate success. Students are rewarded for academic success, behavioral success, and also general improvement. One reward program for general improvement is the Hard Work Cafe where a student from each grade level gets to eat lunch in a special area of the cafeteria with the principal, a teacher of their choice, and an invited parent/guest. In addition, they get an award certificate, a note sent home, and a pass to the front of the lunch line for the next two weeks!

This school environment is warm, positive, and welcoming at every turn. They make PBIS look simple, because their mission is student success – broadly defined. Congrats Nautalus Elementary!