Digital Natives

Posted on 05 Dec 2008 in Classroom Behavior, Educational Technology, Student Behavior | Comments Off on Digital Natives

We have all heard that technology will change education. I think it can change it for the better – especially for our students with behavior problems.

Online Learning

I’ve been reading a book about Disruptive Technologies and how computer-based and student-centric computer assisted learning will change the classroom. Much of the focus is the shift from teachers teaching to the middle to students being able to choose not what they learn, but how and when they learn. Once comment in the book was that behavior problems associated with learning are really cut down when there is a class of one (ie, student is taking the course online). Many students and adults alike are taking on-line courses right now and this is predicted to increase exponentially in the next 10 years.

Digital Natives

The shift to digital learning is happing right now. This video illustrates that point better then I can. It’s worth the 4 minutes to think about your own skills and the skills needed to reach our students this year and next (not even 10 years down the line). Will you be outsourced because you don’t have the teaching skills in demand for the students of today?