Bullies Indited – Too Late

Posted on 31 Mar 2010 in Classroom Behavior, School Behavior, Student Behavior | Comments Off on Bullies Indited – Too Late

Bullying is Preventable.

Yesterday, ABC reported that nine teenagers have been charged in Massachusetts for the suicide death of a peer. This link has a good video report on the bullying that occurred. This indictment is a good start, but it is not enough. Bully is not a new problem, but it is preventable and manageable.

One intervention that has a research and evidence base of effectiveness is Positive Behavior Support. A Ning community shares conversations about the PBS system.  We have the tools and technology to teach students and adults how to behave better. We can’t ignore this problem in school.

So far, the adults in this school have not been charged. Although it is reported that bullying behavior was witnessed by adults in the school. Are the adults in the school responsible, in part, due to their inaction? How should they be treated for their inaction that may or may not have directly contributed to the climate in the school?

What does your school do to prevent bullying and protect students?