5 Ways to Connect with Behavior Experts

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My First Time

I joined my first professional association as a student member (at a sweet discount rate) when I was completing my Masters degree in special education and have never ever ever regretted the decision. In fact, since that time I have joined more and currently belong to numerous professional organizations. I have also served as a board member of several organizations.


I join for several reasons:

  1. Stay current on research and practices in education
  2. Receive journals, magazines, and publications from the organization with helpful tips, tricks, and strategies
  3. Discounts on car insurance to conference to books
  4. Connect with other education professionals and experts

Connecting with Experts

The biggest reason why I stay associated with professional organizations is to connect to people like me and learn from people who share my experiences and have broader experiences and knowledge. This is a big part of my Professional Learning Community.

I’ve been a board member of the Council for Children with Behavioral Disorders for a while and today I want to share 5 Ways To Connect With Behavior Experts from this community (I encourage you to join too!)

  1. www.Facebook/CCBDmembers “Like” us and post or view status updates on our page with comments and links relative to our members.
  2. www.Twitter/CCBDmembers Follow us or send us a Tweet using @ccbdmembers or the hashtag #CCBD.
  3. http://CCBDNing.ning.com Join our NetworkING community to share your educational stories, questions or comments.
  4. www.YouTube.com/user/CCBDmembers Watch our CCBD Foundation public service announcement,more media coming soon.
  5. This is a QRCode to a 4 Minute CCBD Video. A QR Code is a 3-D bar code that can be read by your smart phone or web enabled mobile device and can take you directly to a webpage, video, or map.
  • Search for a “QR Code Reader” app on your mobile device and install.
  • Use the QR Reader to scan the code with your device camera to connect to the media destination.

What professional associations are part of your learning community?