3 Dashboards for Behavior and Academic Data

Posted on 27 Mar 2012 in Classroom Behavior, Educational Technology, School Behavior, Student Behavior | Comments Off on 3 Dashboards for Behavior and Academic Data

As accountability for school improvement and individual teacher performance escalates, we have to spend more time analyzing and utilizing data then we do collecting it. Period.

The Problem

The problem is that data, academic or behavioral, still takes too much time to enter and then it usually takes an Excel wizard to make it make sense. On top of that there are district policy barriers or old skool thinking that starts with the excuse, “Well, because we’ve always done it that way!”. I personally find this an absurd problem because there really are a lot of great data-bases out there that can do all that work for you. If you are still resorting to tally marks and manually counting, averaging, and summing your students data you need to STOP, LOOK, and LISTEN.

Three Data Dashboard Solutions

  1. SWIS is a fantastic tool for schools for collecting and analyzing all your behavior data. Entering incident data takes less then 60-80 seconds and printing a report on all your school discipline violations, locations, time of day, day of week, and students take even less time. A plethora of other graphs are also available and you can customize up the wazoo! Login using the supplied username and password: EBS, to see and play on a demo of the full site.
  2. Kickboard is a new site data dashboard for teachers and schools that provides integrated academic and behavior data visualization. It crunches your numbers and shows colorful results for each student much like the great analytic tool provided by Khan Academy.
  3. Google Spreadsheet Gadgets is another way to visualize your data. It provided gauges, dials, and dynamic graphs using your data. Very cool and probably very underutilized in schools.

So take action and begin working smarter not harder. Let me know your thoughts on this and what your school currently uses to analyze data.