10 Reasons Why I Became an EBD Teacher, Not a Rocket Scientist

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Recently while browsing through old volumes of Beyond Behavior magazine I came across a great article of Top 30 lists (Beyond Behavior, Vol. 6, No.1, 1993). These lists were based on actual comments and experiences of teachers of students with behavioral disorders. The article was compiled by several Council for Children with Behavioral Disorders subdivision presidents and regional coordinators.  Gotta love them, gotta share them!

10 Reasons Why I Became an EBD Teacher and Not a Rocket Scientist

  1. I was over qualified for rocket science.
  2. It’s more exciting and challenging to launch kids.
  3. Working with EBD kids makes me appear normal.
  4. There are more explosions in the classroom.
  5. I had the strange notion that children were less frightening then outer space.
  6. I can use my WWF (World Wrestling Federation) experience.
  7. I like school lunches.
  8. I’m guaranteed that my  mission won’t be called off.
  9. BD children have more energy then rockets.
  10. If I were a rocket scientist I wouldn’t be a member of CCBD

I hope you had a laugh and can relate with this list! Please share it with friends and colleagues.

What reasons do you have for working with students with behavior challenges? Comment below…