10 Hobbies for Retired EBD Teachers

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In previous posts I’ve written about 10 Reasons Why I Became an EBD teacher and Not a Rocket Scientist and 10 Favorite Daydreams of EBD Teachers.

All these posts were born out of a Top 30 list I found while browsing through old volumes of Beyond Behavior magazine (Beyond Behavior, Vol. 6, No.1, 1993). These lists were based on actual comments and experiences of teachers of students with behavioral disorders. The article itself was compiled by several Council for Children with Behavioral Disorders subdivision presidents and regional coordinators.

10 Hobbies for Retired EBD Teachers

  1. Anything involving inanimate objects; they don’t argue, curse, or move.
  2. Training Delta Force in evasive tactics.
  3. Sitting quietly forever and ever.
  4. Ripping up junk mail while saying, “I won’t do this”.
  5. Hostage negotiator.
  6. Reading a book all the way through.
  7. TV censorship.
  8. Participating in American Gladiator contest.
  9. Making a lot of money as a ghost writer for IEP’s.
  10. Opening a ‘marriage and family counseling center’ for former EBD students who are now adults.

I hope this list made you smile and think, “thank goodness I’m not the only one with those thoughts!”

What are your plans after you retire? Please share them in the comment section…