10 Favorite Daydreams of EBD Teachers

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Earlier this month while browsing through old volumes of Beyond Behavior magazine I came across a great article of Top 30 lists (Beyond Behavior, Vol. 6, No.1, 1993). These lists were based on actual comments and experiences of teachers of students with behavioral disorders. The article was compiled by several Council for Children with Behavioral Disorders subdivision presidents and regional coordinators.  I earlier wrote about 10 Reasons Why I Became an EBD teacher and Not a Rocket Scientist.

10 Favorite Daydreams of EBD Teachers

  1. Having total control of your life.
  2. Giving the directions once and having everyone follow them.
  3. Watching an administrator teach your class for a day.
  4. Lunch without kids.
  5. The day teachers start teaching children what is expected of them before recording their failure to meet those expectations.
  6. The day people stop admiring my patience, when my stubbornness is what keeps me going.
  7. One 30-minute planning period per day.
  8. Really telling parents what you think.
  9. Being recognized as a real teacher.
  10. Coming to school one day and finding out the BD/EBD has been cured.

I hope you found something you could relate with, please share it with colleagues.

What do you daydream about during the work day? Share your comments…