PBIS Research – How Important Is It?

PBIS Research – How Important Is It?

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Research Says… How many time have you heard the phrase, “Research Says…”? We quote it, we share it, we profess how important it is. But is it? Well, in the realm of Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS) my experience with real schools and real teachers and real students aligns with the research very closely. […]

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8 PBIS Success Stories

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PBIS is not about Effort – it’s about Outcomes! We are fortunate that eight schools in Arizona received PBIS recognition for achievement and outcomes in 2013. These schools submitted proof that they were implementing either Tier 1 or Tier 1-3 with high fidelity (as measured by nationally approved evaluations) and that their efforts resulted in […]

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4 Ways to Use Social Media Analytics to Promote PBIS

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CEC 2013 Conference, San Antonio, Texas Come and join me as I present at the CEC Convention and Expo! According to the international Council for Exceptional Children, this conference is the largest professional development event dedicated to special and gifted education. Here, educators from around the world will discuss the most pressing issues in special […]

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Non-Cognitive Skills Equals PBIS

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There is a relatively new term being thrown around in education: Non-Cognitive Skills. These are the non-academic skills necessary for academic success and typically include:

academic behaviors
academic perseverance
academic mindsets
learning strategies
social skills

These social behaviors have recently been recognized as just a important for student success as memorizing answers for a standardized test. Go figure! Most of us already realize that it’s these social skills which make the difference between a geek and a leader and the difference between a successful student and a drop out.

What’s PBIS Got to Do with It?
Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS) is a framework for setting up a multi-tiered system of support to help all students in school succeed. Some students will only need the primary or universal level of social support provided to all students. Other kids may need this first level of support as well as additional targeted and individual supports. Bottom line is that PBIS creates a more effective learning environment for all by helping all studetns succeed.

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PBIS Highlights from Garfield High School, Los Angeles

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PBIS Works! 99% of the 2,500+ Garfield High School students are Hispanic. And after implementing PBIS for two years, suspensions decreased from over 500 down to 1. Amazing! The Fix School Discipline blog highlights an interview with the schools’ administrators. Here are a few very interesting quotes. Principal Jose Huerta: Suspensions and expulsions don’t deter bad […]

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