4 Reasons for Low Effect-Size of Social Skills Training Programs

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Social Skills Programs
There are hundreds of social skills programs on the market. Most are untested and unproven – in a rigouous and scientific way. Almost all claim to be “Evidence-based”, but that does not mean that they are Research-Based or that they demonstrated to be effective and actually deliver measurable results in a scientific study or practice.

Intstitute of Education Sciences
The Intstitute of Education Sciences (IES) is a goverment research institution that looks at the research behind educational practices. One of their markee brands is the What Works Clearinghouse. The WWC is a great resourse for reviewing if the program you want to use in your classroom is effective (scientifically speaking).

The IES has recently released their findings on Social Skills Training in early education settings – and the results are NOT encouraging. See their findings here and download the full report. Other meta-analysis studies by Sarup Mathur, Robert Rutherford and others in the early 2000’s confirm the low effect-size of most social skills training research studies.

4 Reasons for Low Effect-Size of Social Skills Training Programs
There can be a lot of reasons for the dismal effectiveness of student training or intervention program.

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4 Kick Butt Behavior Management Tips

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Research-based classroom behavior management tips: 4 Lessons learned from Taekwondo and a TEFL teacher.

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Cool Anti-Bullying Video

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Bullying is a hot topic in education right now. And for good reason: 28% of adolescents report being bullies over the last 6 months. (Center for Ed Stats, 2006) There are 4 main ways that bullying can be inflicted on victims: Physical, verbal, indirect, and sexual. All definitions of bullying include these four factors: Imbalance […]

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3 Dashboards for Behavior and Academic Data

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As accountability for school improvement and individual teacher performance escalates, we have to spend more time analyzing and utilizing data then we do collecting it. Period. The Problem The problem is that data, academic or behavioral, still takes too much time to enter and then it usually takes an Excel wizard to make it make […]

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7 Alternatives to Seclusion and Restraint

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(Oops – written 9/26/11 and never posted due to technical errors!) Is Restraint/Secluson a Problem in School? Eight to ten students die each year due to restraints or seclusion in school. This fact was presented by Joe Ryan (Clemson University) and Michael Rozalski (Binghamton University) and backed up by research and evidence at a very […]

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Origins of PBIS and Other Myths

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(Oops – written 9/26/11 but never posted due to technical errors) George Sugai (University of Connecticut) presented at #CCBD11 today and shared some very frank facts, myths, and a history of Positive Behavior Interventions and supports. Facts, by¬†George Dr. Sugai’s work in behavior supports began with students with behavioral disorders and trying to support […]

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