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Training13Dr. Gulchak’s passion is sharing the good news about bad behavior by building the capacity of educators to improve the learning and behavior outcomes of all students and enable them to succeed in school and life. He is owner and Vice-President of KOI Education which was founded on the principles of sharing Knowledge, Outcomes, and Impact in education. He was  a faculty member at Arizona State University, Northern Arizona University and is the director of the Arizona Statewide PBIS advisory council.

Dr. Gulchak taught students with intellectual, learning and behavioral disabilities in both public and alternative schools for over a decade. He volunteered as a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) for children who were wards of the court. Has earned the Advanced Toastmaster distinction from Toastmasters International and received the Outstanding Graduate Student Award from the International Council for Exceptional Children. His research interests include effective classroom and instructional management for students with behavioral challenges, school-wide prevention systems, and leveraging technology to increase both student achievement and educators professional development.


He has published numerous books and research articles, presents at national and international educational conferences, and provides training, coaching, and consulting to schools and districts. His workshops and seminars are noted for being practical, humorous, and interactive.

Dr. Gulchak served on the international board of the Council for Children with Behavioral Disorders, is board member of the Arizona Council for Exceptional Children, and has been the webmaster of four national education organizations. He Blogs, Nings, Tweets and with his supportive wife is the father of two girls, two dogs, and one motorcycle (at a time).